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Folio Magnetic PU Leather Case Smart Cover For Dragon Touch 7" A10 (Purple)
TabSuit® Multi-color Folio Magnetic PU Leather Case Smart Cover For Dragon Touch 7" A10 (Purple)
Never let your tablet run naked!!
This TabSuit (TM) case perfectly fits for your 
 Dragon Touch(TM) 7 Tablet A10 (4GB/8GB/16Gb) 

  • Quantity: 1
  • Stop worrying about scratching your Dragon Touch(TM) 7" A10 by getting this excellent carrying accessory today
  • Leather case features smooth synthetic leather and heavy duty stitching to ensure the long life of your Dragon Touch 7" A10.
  • Features with auto-securing magnetic flap for the best combination of security and ease of use
  • Leather case cover can be turned into a horizontal stand for the convenience of viewing slide shows or videos
  • Unique design allows easy access to all buttons, controls and ports without having to remove the case
  • Material: Synthetic Leather with Suede Interior
  • Color: Black/Blue/Purple/Red/Green
  • Size: Perfect fit
  • Accessory ONLY, Device not included